About Helen Lopez, BBA, CPCA

My mission is to ensure the financial security of the boomer Canadian and their families through education and coaching.

Since 2004, I have been educating Canadians about their financial rights and helping them better understand how money works. Having seen the heartache that lack of proper financial planning can do to individuals and families, I am excited by the opportunity to improve this situation for as many people as possible.

In addition to my credentials as an investment advisor and life broker, I am also a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)™. With the huge wave of people reaching retirement in the next two decades, I recognize the need to address issues concerning maturing Canadians and to serve those unique skills with excellence. This designation is offered through Age-Friendly Business™, Canada’s premier Academy training professionals about the evolving needs of our 50+ population. 

CPCAThe CPCA membership will ensure that I remain an informed professional for the 50 plus and senior citizens.

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Helen has always provided clear and relevant financial planning and investment advice that addresses my needs. I also appreciate how she follows up regularly on my investments and insurance coverage and changes them according to market conditions and my life situation. Raymond

I'm very grateful to have Helen to look after my financial affairs. She is truly a passionate person in what she does and she is committed to taking care of her clients in whatever way that's best for them. I never feel pressured to purchase any products from her and she always provide me with information I need to help me make my decisions. She has integrity in her work and I sense she is looking after my best interest. Yendre

Getting life insurance for the first time at age 47, needless to say Helen had her work cut out for her in getting me a policy that fit my needs, and my budget. I know she did a lot of research to find the option that was just right for me - and I could tell from the discussions we had that she really did have my best interests at heart, every step of the way. I'm very happy with my policy, and my premiums! Bruce

Our experience working with Helen was fantastic. She was extremely helpful in laying out the various options that could work for our family and worked hard to find a solution that left us with no regrets or buyer’s remorse. Ken & Eva

Helen has made the whole process of applying for insurance so much easier and simpler for me to understand. Anjana

I've always known it was important to save, but nobody ever showed me how. When I met Helen, she listened to my concerns and addressed my needs. Helen took time to help me make sense of all my financial questions and gave me tools to start saving and protecting my family. Thank you for making a tremendous difference in this area of my life! Karen

We appreciate that Helen is at a similar stage in life to us with a growing family. She relates her experiences and own challenges with financial decision making which helps us consider the different aspects of a decision.

When the market is not "behaving", Helen is always reaching out to help appease any concerns we may have. Where possible, she is forewarning us of potential market trends or changes in offerings and confirming whether we want to make any changes to our current portfolio to help better navigate rougher times.

Helen has demonstrated drive and commitment to ensure we are getting the best solution for our family. Her status as an independent advisor ensures that we have access to the financial solution that is right for us, and Helen does her homework to evaluate all the options and works with us to ensure we understand all the aspects of the decision and solution. When we did not obtain a favourable life insurance rating, Helen pushed the insurance company to reevaluate the case and in the end the rating was improved. We appreciated that she went the extra mile to take care of us. Mona & Thierry



Financial planning is a process that determines how you can best meet your life goals through the proper management of your financial affairs.  A customized plan can help you manage risk and bring your goals within achievable foresight. It should reflect your changing life needs and is as unique as you are.

As financial professionals, we are trained to help you develop your own roadmap but most importantly, to help you stay on track. A good plan and working relationship should help you avoid costly mistakes and save you both time and money. Most of us don't plan to fail but we do fail to plan.

 If like many Canadians, you are wondering whether you can benefit from the advice of an advisor, ask yourself the following questions;

  • I understand the tax implications of my decisions. I pay a lot of tax.

  • Insurance? I understand it. Sort of, but how much do I really need?

  • Retirement? Sure. Just don't ask me when or how I am going to get there.

  • Saving money? There never seems to be enough in the budget to save.

  • Investing? It seems to change all the time. There are too many options. Where is the best place to invest my money?

  • Debt? Too much of it but where do I even begin? It seems normal to have debt but why do I lose sleep over it?

  • Estate Planning? What does that involve? How much will I really leave for my family vs. the tax man?

If you relate to any of the questions above, consider getting a second opinion. You deserve the peace of mind.  Contact me.

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